Alex Brazzle is a largely commercial and portrait photographer based out of Bozeman, Montana. Intrigued by the aesthetics of the fashion industry, beauty and style portraiture create the content of Brazzle’s art. In her recent work as a fine artist, she pushes the boundaries of the current industry by creating fashion photographs in a historical, alternative photographic processes instead of digitally rendered images. This process, specifically gum dichromate over cyanotype, in combination with contemporary fashion creates a unique style that will add to and influence modern fashion. Her studio- centric lighting techniques adds an element of control as she works with ever changing subjects in a new light.
    Raised outside the San Francisco Bay area, the urban influence and high fashion world of the bustling city are apparent in the now Montana resident’s photos. A life path that includes traveling and creating images is a must for her so as to immerse herself in new social settings and explore further the influences of commercial fashion.